Book and Lyrics by
Max C. Golightly
Music and Lyrics by
C. Michael Perry

Based on the Novel
"Little Lord Fauntleroy"
Frances Hodgeson Burnett

26 characters; 11M 8W 6B 1G + chorus.
Wing and drop set.

The charming adaptation of the timeless classic, LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY. The original story that helped inspire "Little Orphan Annie." The tale of a wonderful, well-bred American boy, Cedric Erroll, who suddenly finds himself a member of the British aristocracy through his deceased father's inheritance. He leaves his life and friends behind him in New York City to travel to England where he will be trained by and live with a man he has never met, his grandfather, Lord Of Dorincourt. Troubles and set backs plague him but in the end he emerges -- "Fauntleroy!" 2 hrs.

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