Such Stuff As Dreams
Brave New World
Tempest: The Musical
Freely adapted from Shakespeare's "The Tempest"

Book by
Neil K. Newell

Music and Lyrics by
C. Michael Perry & Neil K. Newell

8 characters: 4M 4W + small ensemble.
Space Setting

Well, you thought you knew "The Tempest"? Well, get ready forthis version.
We start before Shakespeare begins. We see Propsero and Miranda arrive. We see Ariel deposit Sycorax and Caliban on the isle. We see Ariel impaled in the 'oak' and we see Propsero defeat Sycorax. We then see Sycorax come to life again through the intervention of the Caliban and the strangers deposited on the island by the Prospero's tempest. As in the original, goodness prevails but only after valuable lessons have been learned by all. This story now involves the conflict between Sycorax/Caliban and Prospero. It is no longer an epic but a taught, musical drama with a lively and modern score. "Don'Just Sip The Water", "I Looked At The Moon", "Such Stuff As Dreams", "That's Love", "Brave New World", "Have No Pity--Rule A City", are among the songs that fill this score with inventive music and singable lyrics. 120minutes.

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