Great Expectations

Based on the Dickens novel

Book, Music and Lyrics by
Neil K. Newell
C. Michael Perry

17+ characters: 9M 4W 3B 1G + chorus.
Unit Setting with 9 locations.
Period Costumes.

On a wet and dreary day in 1858, Charles Dickens finds shelter from a storm in the home of one Phillip Pirrip. Intrigued by the unusual artifacts that decorate his home he entreats Phillip to tell him the story behind them. The 65 year-old Phillip begins telling the story of his childhood, when he was known as Pip, in what is soon to become Dickens' newest novel, "GREAT EXPECTATIONS." Considered one of Dickens' finest works, "GREAT EXPECTATIONS" is the coming of age story of the orphan Pip who falls in love with the unreachable Estella. In order to win her he desires to raise himself from a blacksmith's apprentice to a gentleman. When the means to do so miraculously appear, he travels to London, with expectations to become a gentleman. In spite of his new-found wealth and position Estella remains unreachable. When Pip learns that his mysterious benefactor is none other than a common criminal, whom he had aided when he was a child, he realizes that he can no longer accept his support. This signals the end of his financial expectations and a final realization that Estella will forever remain unreachable. Years later, Pip and Estella meet once again. The years of hard experience have softened Estella and brought her to the realization that Pip is her first and only love. The unique construction of the script allows for a fluid staging with Dickens and Phillip wandering through the story -- experiencing and living it. The haunting and unforgettable musical score adds rich texture to this classic story of love and loss. About 2 hours

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