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Max Golightly -- was Professor of Playwrighting at Brigham Young University. Max has taught High School and College drama for the last half of the 20th Century. He is nationally recognized as an award winning poet and has served as President of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Inc. His plays have been produced all over the western states, and in various other parts of the country. He is a director of considerable reputation in college and community theatre productions. His one-act play "A LITTLE MATTER OF WE" has won awards in national contests. In addition to KEWPIE and "WE" other published plays include PINOCCHIO, TURN THE GAS BACK ON, THE TOKEN, FAUNTLEROY! and A NIGHT ON NEEDLEPOINT.
Neil Newell -- was born in Orem, Utah and attended Brigham Young University where he received a BS degree in Business Management and the University of Southern California where he received an MFA in Professional Writing. He has taught Creative Writing at Clark County Community College in Las Vegas and at Utah Valley State College. He has also taught Advanced Playwrighting at Brigham Young University. Various articles and short stories of his have been published in national magazines. His science fiction novel, "THE RELUCTANT WIZARD" was published by Manor Books. He has over 30 other publication credits. In addition to his collaboration on the music and lyrics for "KEWPIE" and "TURN THE GAS BACK ON" with Max C. Golightly and C. Michael Perry he has written the music and some book and lyric elements for "PINOCCHIO" with Max. These plays have been published by Encore Performance Publishing. He has also written the book, music and lyrics for "LOVERS AND OTHERS" and "COVENANTS". Since Max's death Neil and Mike have continued their partnership with "ANNE...WITH AN 'E': THE GREEN GABLES MUSICAL" and "GREAT EXPECTATIONS." He is married to Ariane Moffit, also of Orem, and has five children.
C. Michael Perry -- was born in Colorado and raised in Chicago. He found the theatre in High School and has made a living in Theatre, Film and Television since then. He has worked on over 25 major network television shows and some 300 commercials along with two feature films. He has performed in front of over 2000 live audiences from Utah to Italy in various plays and musicals. He has received acting awards for his many leading and supporting roles. He has directed over 40 shows on the Community, Educational and Professional level. He has choreographed over 50 productions. He has won awards for lighting and scenic designs in community theatre and continues to design shows at the high school level. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Theatre. He is the composer of over thirty musicals including "CINDERABBIT" for PBS, which won an Emmy Award and a "Best Of The West" Public Television award. He is also a playwright and lyricist for over 20 plays and award winning musicals that have been produced across the nation, many of which are published. Other works composed include, ENTERTAINING MARK TWAIN, FAUNTLEROY!, KEWPIE!, THE APPLE KINGDOM, OF BABYLON, TURN THE GAS BACK ON!, CURSES, FOILED AGAIN!, TOM SAWYER, ONSTAGE!, A CHRISTMAS MEMORY , CHRISTMAS DREAMS , FRANK'N STYNE, and THE MIRACLE OF MIRADOR, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL and ANNE with an 'e' - THE GREEN GABLES MUSICAL.
New musicals under development are: THE SNOW QUEEN with Patricia Barry Rumble, HEIDI with Gayanne Ramsden, APOCALYPSO with C. Thom Duncan (based on the Book of Revelations), A LITTLE PRINCESS,
He is a member of The Educational Theatre Association, The International Thespian Society, Christians In Theatre Arts, The Texas Educational Theatre Association, The Utah Theatre Association, Ohio Community Theatre Association, The American Alliance for Theatre In Education and The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He has served as the President of the Theatre Guild Of Utah Valley in central Utah. He is President of Encore Performance Publishing of Orem, Utah -- a publisher of plays and musicals for amateur and professional markets. He makes his home in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Sharon, and daughters Jessica, Janalynn and Joelle and son Jon-Christopher.

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